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Maximize sales and nurture prospects with Einstein GPT. Salesforce Sales Cloud offers powerful CRM tools for businesses of all sizes. Streamline customer relationships, track leads, and close deals effortlessly. Get intuitive analytics, customized pipelines, and seamless data integration in one place.

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What is Einstein GPT?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a comprehensive CRM solution designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. It offers a range of cloud-based tools that empower sales teams to effectively track leads, close deals, and efficiently manage customer relationships. By leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud, users gain access to an intuitive dashboard and a robust suite of analytics tools. This enables them to swiftly create and oversee customer accounts, contact information, and activities. Additionally, the platform allows for the creation of customized pipelines and reports, facilitating a deeper understanding of the sales cycle. Moreover, Salesforce Sales Cloud incorporates automated lead scoring, enabling users to prioritize and nurture prospects seamlessly. Furthermore, the platform seamlessly integrates with other business applications, streamlining data transfer, collaboration, and contact management. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, businesses can effortlessly take charge of their customer relationships and effortlessly drive sales growth.


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Einstein GPT Use Cases

Sales AI: Sell faster with trusted AI for sales. Ask Einstein to write emails enriched with customer data, generate concise summaries of sales calls, and use actionable insights to inform conversations. Use real-time predictions to guide sellers to close deals, automate sales process, and build stronger relationships with Sales AI.

Customer Service AI: Deliver more personalized and impactful customer service experiences while boosting agent productivity. Ask Einstein to help surface relevant information during customer support interactions to solve issues faster and delight your customers. Automatically summarize case resolutions and build a knowledge base to empower agents, scale your service operations, and drive immediate value.

Marketing AI: Drive personalization and productivity at scale with predictive and generative AI built directly into your marketing platform. Use insights to boost engagement, build highly personalized customer journeys and automatically customize outreach. Delight your customers with interactions powered by Einstein.

Commerce AI: Personalize every buyer and merchant experience with the most trusted and flexible ecommerce AI tools. Automatically generate product descriptions, recommend relevant products, and create seamless buying experiences. Innovate faster and increase conversions with Einstein.

Einstein Copilot Studio: Deploy conversational AI assistance across your organization. Configure prompts, models, and skills to customize Einstein Copilot for your specific business needs. Enable users to engage with AI using natural language to execute tasks consumer and employee-facing channels.

Model Builder: Seamlessly integrate your preferred predictive and generative partner AI models into Salesforce. Train your model of choice on CRM and Data Cloud data, and use them to equip Einstein Copilot with more accurate insights and content.

Prompt Builder: Create trusted AI experiences by designing prompts that are rich in context. Empower teams to develop, manage, customize, and templatize prompts to guide generative AI. Leverage a playground to test prompts and outputs before they are shared broadly, and use your custom prompts to customize Einstein Copilot.

Skills Builder: Extend Einstein Copilot with skills composed of custom actions created by Flows, Apex, prompts, and more. Equip your copilot with a menu of AI-powered, domain-specific actions that it can reason through based on your customer's needs. Skills Builder enables your copilot to automatically understand the instruction, locate the best matching skill, and execute the task.

Secure Data Retrieval: Securely access and dynamically ground generative AI prompts with type, quality, and scope of relevant data needed to learn and provide the most reliable outputs. Merge fields with Salesforce records securely. Use semantic retrieval to bring in relevant information from support knowledge articles.

Data Masking: Protect your proprietary company data and sensitive customer data by masking it from Large Language Models. Ensure that AI models aren't being trained on your data while maintaining the accuracy and relevance. Detect PII and payment data and redact them from the prompt automatically.

Ethics and Inclusivity: Deploy AI with Ethics by Design. The Salesforce Ethics team has created ethical and humane use guiding principles for our teams to intentionally embed in the design, development, and delivery of software. Our unique ethical AI policies ensure that our products align with our principles.

AI built on trust: AI solutions have the power to transform your business. But it can also put your data at risk. Einstein is built on a powerful Trust Layer that safeguards your company’s sensitive customer data. So you can use any AI model — and keep your data locked down tight.

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