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Enalito 2.0

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Enalito 2.0: AI-driven platform for email marketing, customer segmentation, and personalization. Automate and grow your customer base with Enalito's powerful features.

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What is Enalito 2.0?

Enalito is a powerful AI-driven software platform that empowers eCommerce businesses to achieve significant growth through targeted marketing strategies. By leveraging advanced analytics and optimization techniques, Enalito enables businesses to personalize their marketing campaigns, analyze user journeys, and optimize various aspects of their eCommerce operations. With a wide array of features including segmentation capabilities, campaign automation, on-site personalization, and subscriber popups, Enalito enhances the overall eCommerce experience for businesses and their customers.



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Enalito 2.0 FQA

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Enalito 2.0 Use Cases

Sending personalized product recommendations and prices that lead to a dramatic increase in Conversion Rate

Laser Sharp Segments of Customers and Products help you target a specific group smartly

Changing your web shop dynamically based upon who is visiting will improve customer engagement

Understand your target audiences at each stage of the customer lifecycle in a way that helps you make more money and more loyal customers

Send AI-powered, highly personalized and engaging emails to drive up your sales and turn your visitors into shoppers and shoppers into loyal fans

Give targeted and personalized experiences that CONVERT. Create valuable touchpoints at every stage in the customer lifecycle for each of your valuable customers

Your customers deserve offers and promotions that’s as unique as they are. The segments update automatically – so you can worry less about manually maintaining lists, and spend your time on new ideas instead

Personalize customer experiences at ease. Deliver impactful, channel-appropriate content based on customer behavior and interactions across email, website, mobile and app

Make more informed decisions about campaigns, what products to sell and how much inventory to keep. Our reports make exploring and answering your most pressing questions as easy as asking

Engage High-value Email Subscribers with RELEVANT messages

Improve sales and delight customers with our AI-driven Email Marketing and Onsite Personalization

Create Personalized Shopping Experiences that CONVERT

See how we can help you generate More Revenue Faster

Save Time and GROW your eCommerce Business with Enalito

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