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Discover EnhanceDocs, the ultimate Open-source AI-powered search engine for your documentation. Experience seamless natural language search and integration with pre-built components on site docs, discord server, slack or teams. Elevate your documentation game now!

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What is EnhanceDocs?

EnhanceDocs is an Open-source AI-powered search engine that caters specifically to your documentation needs. It offers natural language search capabilities, allowing you to easily find information within your documentation. Additionally, EnhanceDocs seamlessly integrates with pre-built components on various platforms such as site docs, discord server, slack, or teams.



Pros VS Cons

EnhanceDocs offers powerful search capabilities, customizable features, and integration with popular platforms, saving time and resources for developers while improving documentation efficiency and user experience.
However, it may be costly for small/medium teams, charges per additional request, has limited integration options, and depends on third-party platforms, with limited language support and potential usability issues caused by customization.

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EnhanceDocs FQA

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EnhanceDocs Use Cases

Effortlessly find documentation on Notion, Google Drive, Confluence, SharePoint, OneDrive

Harness the Power of Conversation - Seek assistance on your preferred productivity tool, such as Slack, Teams or Discord

Direct Route to the Source - Gain direct access to the original documentation you're seeking

Valuable Insights at Your Fingertips - Utilize analytics to identify frequently asked questions and enhance your documentation

EnhanceDocs will save your team hours of work (and lots of headaches) every week

99% of users say EnhanceDocs has made it much easier and faster to find information

92% of users feel more productive after using EnhanceDocs

86% of managers feel they have better insights into their team's frequently asked questions with EnhanceDocs

Natural language documentation search - Find information in your documentation as seamlessly as discussing with a multilingual colleague who speaks any language

AI-generated documentation - Our intelligent tool monitors users' frequently asked questions that remain unanswered in the documentation. It then generates relevant, ready-to-add content suggestions to ensure a comprehensive and user-centric knowledge base

Is EnhanceDocs secure?

Do I need to manually add all my information to EnhanceDocs?

Do I need to log in to EnhanceDocs to find information?

Make finding information painless - Be nice to your team and introduce EnhanceDocs to their workflow. Now they won't struggle anymore to find those documents in the obscure company documentation

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