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Streamline epic writing with AI-powered EPICMATIC. Generate user stories, acceptance criteria, and story points effortlessly based on technical stack and task description.

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What is Epicmatic?

EpicMatic is an AI-powered online platform designed to streamline the creation and organization of agile epics and user stories. By automating these processes, teams can effectively plan and manage their projects with greater efficiency.



Pros VS Cons

Epicmatic efficiently prepares agile epics, streamlines user stories creation, supports incremental and iterative approach, enhances flexibility and adaptability, saves time in preparation, has a minimalist interface, is free to use, offers a robot assistant for tasks, provides multiple navigation options, and simplifies the project management process.
Epicmatic has an unclear pricing structure, no mentioned integrations, lacks mobile responsiveness, limited advanced customization options, unspecified data privacy details, a minimalist website that lacks information, unclear timestamp history tracking, and limited user interface elements.

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Epicmatic Use Cases

Create your epics and user stories using artificial intelligence.

Be epic - work smart with the help of AI

Epics provide a framework for organizing and prioritizing work. By breaking down large initiatives into smaller, more manageable pieces, teams can focus on delivering value in a more incremental and iterative way. It allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in the face of changing requirements and priorities.

Preparing epics and user stories is often a burdensome and time-consuming task, but artificial intelligence can make this process significantly easier.

Don't waste any more time - start creating your epics with the support of AI!

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