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Unlock the power of AI with Eye for AI. Save and generate stunning images effortlessly using customizable templates. Works with images or text prompts. Try it now!

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What is Eye for AI?

Eye for AI is a website that provides a comprehensive solution for image analysis and object recognition through advanced computer vision technology. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, Eye for AI effectively extracts valuable information from images, enhancing its capabilities in the field.



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Eye for AI FQA

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Eye for AI Use Cases

Create images from text in under a minute

Visual "prompt builder" to craft complex prompts, easily

Save prompts as templates for powerful no-code workflows

Train our AI on your images to use with your own prompts

Quickly create image generation workflows

Save your favorite prompts as templates, and use them to quickly generate images in the future

Make an illustrated headshot

A beautiful vector illustration

Ready to use, photo-realistic imagery

Quickly bring stories to life

Create a cute render of a room type

Render a pool into a garden space

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