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Train & deploy AI chatbots in minutes to answer all visitor FAQs. Improve customer satisfaction with faqmy.website's powerful SaaS solution. Try it now!

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What is faqmy.website?

faqmy.website is an exceptional AI chatbot builder designed to swiftly generate tailor-made chatbots. These chatbots are specifically trained on your business's frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other pertinent data. With faqmy.website, you can effortlessly train an AI chatbot to efficiently aid customers and promptly address their inquiries.



Pros VS Cons

faqmy.website offers instant creation of customizable chatbots that continually learn and improve, aiding in reducing confusion, increasing conversions, and improving customer engagement.
However, it has limited file upload capacity, message limits on plans, no free plan available, delayed CRM/email capture integration, limited customization options, and no multilingual support or chatbot voice interaction mentioned.

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faqmy.website Use Cases

Instantly creates AI trained chatbots for your company's website.

Train a personalized, domain-knowledgable AI Salesperson and FAQ answerer in minutes.

Boost Conversions by never losing a customer to confusion.

Customize your chatbot to match your brand.

Starter plan: $25/month with 1 AI chatbot, 10MB file uploads, and 2500 messages/month.

Growth plan: $50/month with 3 AI chatbots, increased document upload, and 5500 messages/month.

Pro FAQ'er plan: $99.69/month with 10,000 messages/month, 10 AI chatbots, and early access to new features.

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