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Keep your child safe online with Fenced.ai, the ultimate parental control software. Customize protection settings, block inappropriate content, and monitor activity effortlessly. Experience peace of mind today!

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What is Fenced.ai?

Fenced.ai is a top-notch parental control software designed to ensure your child's safety while they navigate the online world. Offering comprehensive protection, Fenced.ai allows you to monitor your child's activities and effectively block any inappropriate or potentially harmful websites, apps, or content. Our user-friendly filters enable parents to customize their protection settings according to their family's specific needs, enabling them to block websites, apps, and content with utmost ease. In addition to monitoring online activity, Fenced.ai also provides additional parental control features such as time limits, location tracking, and remote access. With Fenced.ai, parents can experience peace of mind, knowing that their child is shielded from online threats and can freely explore the internet without any risks.


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