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Learn a new language effortlessly while chatting with friends on Flipchat. Translate and hear messages in your preferred language. Join now!

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What is Flipchat?

Flipchat is a chat app that enables users to engage in language learning by conversing with their friends. By automatically translating all messages on the screen into the desired language, the app facilitates a seamless and collaborative learning experience among friends.



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Flipchat FQA

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  • What are the advantages of learning with Flipchat?icon plus
  • Should I enter my phone number on Flipchat?icon plus
  • I have some questions, a review or want to work together in the future, how can I contact you guys?icon plus
  • Are translations on Flipchat reliable?icon plus

Flipchat Use Cases

Learn a new language by chatting with your friends

Translate messages in real-time

Send Flipchat Link via email

Download Flipchat from the App Store

Download Flipchat from Google Play

Learn a different language simultaneously with your friend

Quickly translate sentences by tapping them

Swipe messages left to hear the audio

Learn a language while chatting with friends

Learn a language in a fun and engaging way

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