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Effortlessly manage your tasks with FlowSavvy. Integrate with Google Calendar and stay organized with our iOS, Android, and Web apps.

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What is FlowSavvy?

FlowSavvy is a comprehensive time-blocking planner that efficiently organizes your week by merging your to-do list and calendar into a strategic game plan.



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FlowSavvy FQA

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FlowSavvy Use Cases

Time-blocking on easy mode. More than a ToDo list. More than a calendar. The smart calendar that time-blocks your day for you.

The automatic game plan for your week. Set due dates and durations and watch FlowSavvy spit out the perfect game plan for your week so you never miss a deadline. Customizable auto-scheduling settings ensure you stay in control!

Reschedule in 1 click. Change of plans? Get behind? No problem. Just click recalculate and FlowSavvy will reschedule everything that hasn't been completed yet. Tasks stay on your calendar until you complete them (see ya procrastination ✌)

Partial completes and progress tracking. Check off parts of tasks directly from your calendar and track your progress.

Visualize your workload. Never get caught off guard. With tasks color-coded by how close they are to their due date, you'll immediately know how your week will play out and how much time you have to spare. Say goodbye to over-commitment!

Manually fix tasks to specific times

Create repeating tasks and events

See your automatically generated schedule up to 8 weeks ahead

Customize scheduling hours to organize tasks (work hours, personal time, mornings, evenings, etc!)

Organize and filter your tasks and events by calendar

Synced on all your devices, Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, and Outlook!

Experience time-blocking on easy mode.

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