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Transform your space effortlessly with Gepetto, the innovative interior design AI. Redesign any interior in 30+ styles, instantly from a single photo. Elevate your space today!

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What is Gepetto?

Gepetto AI is an AI-powered platform that specializes in interior design and virtual staging. By utilizing advanced technology, Gepetto enables users to effortlessly transform their interior spaces into various styles using just a single photo. In a matter of seconds, users can revitalize outdated or unfurnished areas, furnish empty rooms, and generate realistic renderings that allow potential buyers to envision their future property.



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Gepetto Use Cases

Revamp old or unfurnished spaces in a few seconds to help your future buyers to project themselves in their future property. The first impression is the most important.

No measuring or complicated 3D configuration - With Gepetto, you only need one photo to get a photorealistic rendering in a few seconds.

Generate new decoration ideas for any home interior room or any professional space.

Add furnitures from more than 30 styles to an empty space and keep the structure of the wall and ceilings.

You like a rendering? Upscale it to High definition using artificial intelligence directly from the app.

With Gepetto Pro, you can use any of your rendering commercially without any counterparts.

Find similar objects and furnitures from those generated by Gepetto.

In Gepetto, each rendering has a unique identity, you will never get the same result twice.

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