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Boost your CS:GO skills with AI-powered training. Train smarter, rank up faster. GGPredict - the ultimate tool for improving your game. Try it now!

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What is GGPredict?

GGPredict.io is an esports analytics platform that specializes in providing AI-powered tools and features to enhance the gameplay of CS:GO players. With its comprehensive performance analysis, personalized training challenges, match replay capabilities, and player ranking system, it is designed to optimize and improve the gaming experience.


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Pros VS Cons

GGPredict offers personalized training plans, custom-made training maps, extensive analytics, and performance comparison with other players, making it suitable for all skill levels and endorsed by esports players, coaches, and journalists, with observed improvement among most active users and measurable data for self-improvement.
GGPredict lacks multi-game support, a mobile application, offline functionality, detailed user feedback, a console version, GDPR compliance limitations, language selection, a community forum, and a free trial option.

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GGPredict FQA

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GGPredict Use Cases

Analyse your performance: Get detailed, highly functional stats after your every match. See your performance level with AI-led analytics, including strengths, misplays, and areas to improve. Your skills are tracked in real time so you can really observe the progress and stay motivated – to keep on getting better.

Cutting edge maps: Comprehensive training maps that allow for fully personalised practice. Dynamic leaderboards and ever-changing challenges that keep your motivation high and push to keep on keeping better. We have everything you need to unleash your full CS2 potential.

Safe integration with: Michał 'MICHU' Müller, Jakub 'kuben' Gurczyński, @NartOutHere, Renato Mate, Vegan Meatloaf, DD Esport, Mario Pinto, Jakub Zalewski

Train smarter, rank up faster with +118000 players.

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放心的平台: 玩家保护, 数据保护, 安全支付, 符合GDPR(通用数据保护条例)规定, 欧盟数据保护和隐私条例法,涵盖了数据保护和隐私管理.

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