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Grain AI: Automate customer meeting summaries and capture key insights. Jump to relevant moments, save time, and easily distill actionable insights.

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What is Grain?

Grain AI is an innovative tool that offers automated summaries of customer meetings, enabling teams to swiftly capture crucial moments and insights. By utilizing its user-friendly summary feature, individuals can effortlessly recall, clip, and share the key points from their customer meetings. With Grain AI, you can swiftly navigate to the most relevant moments and obtain the necessary insights within seconds. All summaries are generated automatically, eliminating the need for manual transcription and saving valuable time and resources. This tool is ideal for teams seeking an efficient method to capture and share insights from customer meetings. With Grain AI, distilling customer meetings into actionable insights becomes effortless, ensuring that no important details are overlooked.



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Grain Use Cases

AI-powered meeting recording for all teams, not just sales

Summarize & share key moments with AI

Accessible and Useful for Everyone

No More Manual Notes

Share Clips Everywhere

Customer-focused teams from across your company can use Grain

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