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Experience the power of HandyAI, the open-source app that combines advanced AI tools for language and image models. Enjoy a sleek Material You theme for a seamless and effortless user experience.

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What is HandyAI?

HandyAI is a user-friendly open-source application that harnesses the capabilities of cutting-edge AI technologies, including advanced language and image models. Boasting a sleek and modern Material You theme, our app not only offers an appealing visual design but also ensures effortless usability.



Pros VS Cons

HandyAI offers an open-source Android app with regularly updated models, personalized prompts, advanced conversation options, and affordable pricing, while ensuring data encryption, no user data collection, and clear information on data practices.
However, it is limited to Android users, requires regular updates, has incomplete data deletion, variable data safety depending on the region, age-based security practices, in-app purchases, limited support channels, and potential disconnection issues.

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