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Hatchways 2.0

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Craft GitHub-based assessments on Hatchways within minutes. Simulate real-world tasks, add automation, and use ChatGPT-powered tasks. Upgrade to Hatchways 2.0 now!

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What is Hatchways 2.0?

Hatchways is a platform designed to assist companies in conducting real-world technical assessments for candidate evaluation. These assessments are practical and take place within Github repositories, enabling applicants to utilize familiar tools, while interviewers can conveniently review code in a familiar interface.



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Hatchways 2.0 FQA

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  • Can I easily design assessments with Hatchways?icon plus
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Hatchways 2.0 Use Cases

Easily assemble, send and track assessments via git repos. Get better hiring signal and save time with Hatchways.

Simplify your interviews with Hatchways. Skip the stressful, unrealistic tests and let candidates show their skills with real tasks like submitting a pull request or reviewing code.

Easily craft assessments using our templates or upload your own. Benefit from our tried-and-true templates, informed by data and industry expertise. Offer code challenges in any language and select from tasks like bug fixes, feature additions, code reviews, and written or video responses.

Grade submissions with ease using Hatchways' robust tools—from automated tests to instant cloud deployments of candidate's submissions. Alternatively, leverage our human reviewers to spend less time reviewing and more time closing the right candidates!

The approach is unique and easy to work with. And the overall test doesn't bombard the developer with crazy questions but in an elegant way shows the developer's prowess

Fun interesting coding problem that I enjoyed working on! Would love to work for a company with these kinds of challenges

This is pretty amazing. It was the best assessment experience I had by far. The way it is integrated with GitHub, the UI, the setup. Great job!

You're amazing test was one of the best I've ever had. It gave the opportunity to show what I can do without being too dramatic

This was a great way to test a candidates ability to perform job related coding activities versus unrelated programming questions done live.

I found out the assessment was really covering many different aspects of developers' knowledge and not just the API coding part, I am really interested in knowing more about the minds behind this challenge

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