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Experience immersive AI-powered games blending fiction and reality with Hexagram. Engage in ambient experiences through chat, story, and data.

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What is Hexagram?

We specialize in creating Ambient Experiences through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Our expertise lies in developing games that seamlessly integrate chat, storylines, and data to blur the lines between fiction and reality.



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Hexagram FQA

  • What does Hexagram do?icon plus
  • What is Expo 2020: Live@Expo Livestream?icon plus
  • What are Expo 2020: Character Kiosks?icon plus
  • What is the Stranger Things: Scoop Snoop interactive adventure?icon plus
  • What is Meow Wolf: Omega Mart?icon plus

Hexagram Use Cases

Explore the world without leaving your couch in an interactive livestream spanning the hundreds of nations assembled to celebrate Expo 2020 Dubai.

Join Rashid, Latifa, and a host of Expo characters as they take your picture, inspire you to dance, and welcome you into their world through these unique portals.

Your phone becomes a portal to a world of adventure as you explore inspiring stories and experience stunning AR art activations across the Expo site.

Let the citizens of Hawkins invite you into an interactive adventure (all built with ‘80s tech) exposing a Russian plot to summon creatures from a dark dimension.

Mysterious MRI scans. A Mercedes microbus. Ominous self-help tapes. What do these have to do with AMC’s 2020 award-winning anthology series?

A surreal supermarket becomes the gateway for a thrilling adventure across time, space, and multiple digital platforms.

For one week in Austin, creative chaos reigned as hundreds of passport-toting Meow Wolf fans danced wildly, sipped tea, and protested mind control.

A girl wakes up on a train with no memory and your name in her phone. An AI bird wants to train you as a matchmaker. Skype has never been so interesting.

Hours of video. Hundreds of documents. Rituals in the desert. Black metal Molotovs. Kotaku called our original IP one of the most “intense” games ever made.

With the click of a button, fans watched as the X-Men’s Facebook timeline mutated into an alternate history tracing the franchise from its origins.

Experienced entirely in a web browser, this interactive music video for Queens of the Stone Age features a carnivorous piano and our best use of taxidermy to date.

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