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with a virtual friend named Mike. It offers a unique and engaging experience, providing comfort and companionship in a digital world.

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What is Hey Mike?

Hey Mike's Beta is an AI-powered conversation simulation platform designed to provide support and be there for people. Its main purpose is to assist users through human-like conversation simulations.


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Pros VS Cons

Hey Mike offers different pricing plans, a user-friendly interface, secure space for expression, and provides emotional support through a web application that simulates human conversation.
However, it has limited message retention, uses cookies, lacks active learning and improvement over time, has restricted pricing plans, limited monthly messages, auto-deletes old messages, does not support offline use, is only available as a web application, and lacks personalized experience.

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Hey Mike FQA

  • What is the purpose of Hey Mike?icon plus
  • What are the pricing plans for Hey Mike?icon plus
  • What is included in the Standard plan?icon plus
  • What is included in the Premium plan?icon plus
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Hey Mike Use Cases

Use case 1: Enhancing the user experience by using cookies

Use case 2: Simulating a conversation to be there for people

Use case 3: Pricing plans for different message limits and deletion policies

Use case 4: Trying Hey Mike for free for the first week

Use case 5: Subscribing to the Standard plan for 5000 messages per month

Use case 6: Subscribing to the Premium plan for 7000 messages per month

Use case 7: Subscribing to the Premium+ plan for 10000 messages per month

Use case 8: Following Hey Mike on LinkedIn

Use case 9: Accessing the Privacy Policy

Use case 10: Accessing the Terms & Conditions

Use case 11: Accessing the Open Source Attribution

Use case 12: Exploring Universal Fever Technologies

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