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Discover your perfect place and roommate with Homiis. Our machine learning technology creates personalized feeds tailored just for you. Find your ideal match today.

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What is Homiis?

Homiis is a comprehensive solution designed to assist students and young professionals in discovering superior rooms and roommates. With a focus on efficiency, safety, and trust, Homiis offers a platform that simplifies and expedites the search for rental solutions.



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Homiis FQA

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Homiis Use Cases

Find better roommates.

Discover people who are similar to your preferences at the top of your feed.

Discover places to live based on your preferences.

Express yourself with a custom profile and bio.

Make connections and chat with potential roommates or landlords.

Homiis Connect: Your hassle-free solution to finding the perfect roommate.

Standard service: 30-day period to find a match, weekly roommate recommendations, roommate contract provided, guaranteed match or your money back.

Plus service: 14-day period to find a match, daily roommate recommendations, ability to request credit checks on candidates, roommate contract provided, guaranteed match or your money back, 24/7 support.

Download the app and create an account to find your dream room and roommate today.

Hundreds of people have started their search in the last 30 days.

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