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Human or Not?

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Test your skills: Chat with humans or AI bots for 2 minutes. Can you distinguish between them? Engage with GPT-4, Jurassic-2, Claude, and more. Find out now!

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What is Human or Not??

Are you able to distinguish between a human and an AI bot after a two-minute conversation? Engage in a chat with a randomly selected individual or advanced language models like GPT-4, Jurassic-2, or Claude, and put your skills to the test. Can you accurately determine if you're conversing with a real person or an AI?



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Human or Not? Use Cases

Chat with someone for two minutes, and try to figure out if it was a fellow human or an AI bot.

Test your ability to distinguish between humans and AI bots in a social Turing game.

Engage in a conversation and determine if the other participant is a human or an AI bot.

Challenge yourself to identify whether you are chatting with a human or an AI bot.

Experience the excitement of playing a social Turing game to determine if someone is a human or not.

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