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Take control of your digital privacy with Hush Privacy AI. Our smart AI scans the web for your personal info, alerts you to risks, and removes them instantly. Stay protected today!

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What is Hush Privacy AI?

Hush is an advanced privacy platform designed to enhance the SEO of businesses. It specializes in intelligent attack surface management, safeguarding organizations against social engineering attacks. By identifying and eliminating exploitable information, Hush effectively shields businesses from the malicious intentions of bad actors.


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Pros VS Cons

Hush Privacy AI offers comprehensive privacy protection with features such as website scanning, facial recognition, vulnerability removal, and intelligent alerts, catering to businesses and individuals with various pricing plans and executive concierge services.
However, the product has limitations including being invite-only, expensive plans, no free trial, limited employee coverage, no open API or public source code, limited family member addition, and the requirement for browser HTML5 support without a mobile app.

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Hush Privacy AI FQA

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Hush Privacy AI Use Cases

Hush Privacy AI can find and remove information that opens the door for bad actors, protecting your organization from social engineering attacks.

Hush Privacy AI is trusted by top companies worldwide.

With Hush Privacy AI, executive and employee digital footprints are easily manageable, making your company secure against social engineering, phishing, impersonation, and cyber attacks.

Hush Privacy AI can identify and remove vulnerabilities from your company's digital footprint.

Hush Privacy AI provides a comprehensive digital footprint for every employee, sourcing information from over 2,500 data brokers in the US, as well as photos, video, audio, text, and open social media.

Hush Privacy AI's AI engine uncovers vulnerabilities that a human search can't find, understanding how that information can be used against your company and affecting your cybersecurity, physical, financial, and reputational health.

Hush Privacy AI can neutralize risks with the push of a button, removing data that poses a risk to your company and employees.

Hush Privacy AI is accessible across multiple devices, allowing you to access its AI platform anywhere.

Hush Privacy AI helps mitigate threats for certain roles within a company by removing unprotected personal data from the internet.

Hush Privacy AI is helpful in catching new threats through continuous monitoring and provides a user-friendly UI and Company Dashboard.

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