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Immagin: Optimize and deliver customized Images and Videos for rich media applications. Enhance marketing campaigns and provide a user-centric experience. Try now!

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What is Immagin?

Immagin is an AI-driven image processing API and image CDN that provides automatic optimization, real-time transformation, and storage functionalities. It seamlessly integrates with your current systems within minutes, making it an ideal solution for enhanced SEO.



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Immagin FQA

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Immagin Use Cases

Easy to setup image processing cloud delivery network, live transformation, and storage.

Using serverless technologies to edit and serve images fast

Secure, Fast, On the Edge

Using the latest technologies, contents are served reliably, fast and secure.

Using graph nodes, REST API to access your photos, perform changes and serve your client with minimal changes to your existing code.

Resize, crop, and enhance your images with simple URL parameters. our Intelligent, automated compression will eliminates slow load times.

With global content delivery network accross the globe, server your photos without any delays.

An image load is counted every time Immagin serves a unique photo request on a webpage or in a web app. An Immagine request includes unlimited subsequent requests.

Monthly Requests

Cost per 1000 requests

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