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Discover InShop Fashion, the ultimate browser integration! Instantly identify items you're shopping for with image recognition and NLP. Get personalized suggestions, sales notifications, and amazing recommendations from various stores. Upgrade your shopping experience today!

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What is InShop Fashion?

InShop is an innovative shopping app that utilizes artificial intelligence and fashion expertise to offer users an extensive range of style choices. This exceptional app enables shopping from numerous stores simultaneously and provides intelligent recommendations for both dressing up and dressing down, courtesy of its advanced AI stylist.



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InShop Fashion Use Cases

Browsing your favorite stores - with new stores added often!

Envision and imagine outfits with just a swipe (Thanks to our AI couture curation!)

Stimulate your creativity with inspired, outside-the-box color combinations.

Stop shop-hopping, from one online store or brand website to the next. Access infinite fashion options from multiple brand collections all from one platform – inShop!

Receive suggestions based on past preferences and style choices.

Get notified when prices drop on your favorite products, so you can score that scarf, nab that necklace, or seize those tees at the exact right price for your budget.

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