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Discover the power of InstaNovel AI. Generate captivating mini-novels effortlessly using GPT-3 and Dall-E 2. Enter a prompt, choose a visual style, and witness a whole new world of storytelling. Free to use, with one book per person. English available now, more languages coming soon.

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What is InstaNovel AI?

InstaNovel is a platform that utilizes AI technology to generate novels based on user prompts. By simply inputting a story prompt and selecting a visual style, users can create their own unique mini-novels complete with beautiful artwork.



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InstaNovel AI FQA

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InstaNovel AI Use Cases

Generate your own mini-novel with 1 prompt

Write your own story and create a fun mini-novel with 4-6 chapters

Add beautiful artwork to your mini-novel

Create your book with no credit card required

Current waiting time for free users: 54 hours

Enter your story prompt to create your mini-novel

Select your desired art style for your mini-novel

Receive a confirmation email once your order is confirmed

Generate your mini-novel using one of your credits

Confirm your email to receive your written story

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