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Unlock powerful insights with KairosDB, the open-source time series database. Store, query, and analyze metric data easily with its scalable and high-performance features. Ideal for businesses of any size.

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What is KairosDB?

KairosDB is a robust and free time series database that allows users to efficiently store and retrieve metric data. Its extensive features make it effortless for users to manage and query metric data. Designed for scalability and performance, KairosDB can handle billions of metrics. It supports various data formats and can integrate with multiple data sources. Additionally, KairosDB offers real-time alerting, data visualization, and advanced analytics capabilities. This enables users to access and analyze data in almost real-time, empowering them to gain valuable insights and make well-informed decisions. Whether it's a small or large business, KairosDB is a perfect solution for storing, querying, and analyzing vast amounts of metric data.


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KairosDB FQA

  • How can data be pushed into KairosDB?icon plus
  • What is the storage mechanism used by KairosDB?icon plus
  • What operations can be performed using the Rest API of KairosDB?icon plus
  • What is the purpose of the Web UI in KairosDB?icon plus
  • What is the client library used for interacting with KairosDB?icon plus

KairosDB Use Cases

Data can be pushed in KairosDB via multiple protocols : Telnet, Rest, Graphite. Other mechanisms such as plugins can also be used

KairosDB stores time series in Cassandra, the popular and performant NoSQL datastore. The schema consists of 3 column families...

This API provides operations to list existing metric names, list tag names and values, store metric data points, and query for metric data points.

With a default install, KairosDB serve up a query page whereby you can query data within the data store. It's designed primarily for development purposes.

Aggregators perform an operation on data points and down samples. Standard functions like min, max, sum, count, mean and more are available

Import and export is available on the KairosDB server from the command line. Internal metrics to the data store can monitor the server’s performance

The KairosDB client is a Java library, using the HttpClient class, that makes sending metrics and querying the KairosDB server simple.

KairosDB can be extended in various ways (data point listeners, data stores, protocol handlers,...) using plugins based on Guice.

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