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Develop, execute, and report on automated tests effortlessly with Katalon Studio. An all-in-one test automation platform with an intuitive interface and powerful features for web, mobile, and API testing.

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What is Katalon Studio?

What is Katalon Studio?
Katalon Studio is a comprehensive test automation platform that allows users to develop, execute, and report on automated tests. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, users can effortlessly create and maintain automated tests. Built with an open-source core, Katalon Studio enables users to easily manage their tests with a single tool. It is designed for users without coding knowledge, offering a library of pre-built modules for common test scenarios. Users can create tests for web applications, mobile apps, and APIs, and take advantage of advanced features like data-driven testing and object recognition. Detailed reports and insights are also available to help optimize tests and ensure success. Overall, Katalon Studio is a valuable tool for developers and testers looking to streamline their test automation process.


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Katalon Studio Use Cases

Transforming AI-powered regression testing.

Write tests faster, get clearer insights, and improve coverage with an AI-augmented platform.

Create tests in 1 minute.

Build a quality command center.

Instant web & mobile test environments.

Real-time visibility, actionable insights.

Align requirements and testing strategy.

Seamlessly fit into your DevOps ecosystem.

Robust native integrations. No workarounds needed.

Teams deliver software quality at scale with Katalon.

Release faster with confidence.

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