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Craft personalized experiences without code. Ideal for content creators, company knowledge, e-commerce, and customer service. Boost engagement now with Kili!

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What is Kili?

Kili is an AI customer service assistant that offers personalized and accurate responses, serving as a reliable and on-demand support system for customer-facing teams. It utilizes your company's knowledge to deliver exceptional assistance.



Pros VS Cons

Kili offers a wide range of features including data source connection, guidance on question-answering, time and money saving, different plan options, and training by specific content, making it applicable for various industries and allowing for audience discoverability.
However, Kili has limitations such as a limited number of questions, training word limit, data only from CSV, integration only with Substack, and no analytics in lower plans, which may restrict customization options and lack a free version.

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Kili FQA

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Kili Use Cases

Resolve tickets automatically using AI. Reduce your cost per ticket and increase customer satisfaction.

Configure your assistant within minutes. No engineering effort required.

Usage-based pricing model to provide the best return on investment.

Go beyond simply answering questions and resolve queries.

Handover to your customer service team with full context.

Improve resolution rate using our analytics engine.

Kili integrates with your existing customer service stack. Get set up in a matter of hours, not days.

Go beyond simply responding to question and help customers get what they need by taking actions.

Enrich tickets and handover seamlessly to your team. Reduce average handle time and increase customer satisfaction.

Want to reduce your cost per ticket? Get in touch.

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