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Discover KnowBuddy.AI, the ultimate Whatsapp chatbot powered by advanced AI models like ChatGPT. Get answers, perform tasks, and enhance your daily life effortlessly. Try it now!

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What is KnowBuddy.AI?

KnowBuddy is an advanced chatbot that harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. By leveraging AI models and services, it seamlessly executes tasks and provides insightful answers. This makes KnowBuddy an invaluable tool, offering convenience, security, and dependability for enhancing daily life experiences.



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KnowBuddy.AI Use Cases

KnowBuddy.AI is a powerful chatbot that uses artificial intelligence technology to help you perform tasks and answer questions.

You can use the /imagine command to generate an AI-generated image based on a visual description.

The /find command allows you to take a photo or upload an image and get a list of similar products that you can purchase online.

With the /pricealert command, you can notify yourself when the price of a product drops by providing a URL link to the product.

The /restockalert command allows you to receive notifications when a sold-out product is back in stock by providing a URL link to the product.

You can use the /translate2... command to translate provided text to a specified language.

The /recipe command generates recipe ideas based on two or more ingredients that you provide.

KnowBuddy can send you NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day with the /apod command.

The /support command forwards any questions or issues directly to the KnowBuddy Team.

The /help command provides a list of all available KnowBuddy commands.

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