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What is Knowstory?

Knowstory is a platform designed to convert unstructured text into structured data. With its API, this platform enables the extraction of structured data from a wide range of sources including documents, websites, and datasets.


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Pros VS Cons

Knowstory offers conversational context understanding, boosts website engagement, reduces support load, handles common queries, and provides snappy and capable chatbot creation with secure document storage and various document format support, along with flexible pricing options, accessible documentation, and quick customer support.
Knowstory lacks live customer support, has limited document format compatibility and free plan capabilities, charges per question asked, lacks customizability for chatbots, needs improved data storage security, lacks detailed metadata for chatbots, and has limited API endpoint functionality with unclear privacy policy details, and a strictly web-based user interface.

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Knowstory FQA

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Knowstory Use Cases

Automate transport management by extracting data from BOLs, shipping manifests and more.

Reconcile transactions and maintain accurate financial records by processing invoices, receipts, POs, etc.

Extract terms, parties involved, dates and other critical data from contracts and RFPs.

Replace manual data entry with automated invoice data extraction and entry.

Capture amounts, dates, and fields from receipts, transactions, and orders.

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