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Connect your store to multiple marketplaces effortlessly with Koongo. Increase sales, optimize pricing, and expand your online presence with our powerful e-commerce platform. Simplify store management and maximize profits with automated product feed synchronization and advanced marketing capabilities. Monitor performance, scale operations, and grow your customer base with Koongo.

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What is Koongo?

Koongo is a powerful e-commerce platform that enables merchants to effortlessly connect their stores to various marketplace channels. This platform offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, making it easy for merchants to expand their store's reach and attract more customers. With Koongo, merchants can simplify the process of expanding their online presence. They can easily update their product feeds on marketplaces through automated synchronization, saving time and effort. Managing multiple stores becomes a breeze with Koongo's intuitive interface. Additionally, Koongo provides advanced marketing capabilities, such as automatic pricing optimization, to help merchants increase sales and maximize profits. This platform offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance the performance of merchants' stores. From product filtering and advanced analytics to multilingual support and automated order processing, Koongo enables merchants to monitor their store's performance and scale their operations effectively.


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Koongo Use Cases

Automate product data and order synchronization for online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Bol.com, Beslist, idealo, Spartoo, Miinto, Zalando, and Wish

Connect your store to other selling channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Spartoo, Fruugo, OnBuy, TikTok, and more

Transform your online store into a respected global brand

Sell your products on more places with less effort

Increase your store revenue, sales, and conversion

Reach potential customers on global marketplaces, affiliate networks, and price comparison websites

Keep your product data fresh and automatically distribute them on all connected selling channels

Save time and effort by optimizing, scaling, and automating your online marketplace activities

Import marketplace orders through Koongo into your store backend and sync your inventory automatically

Select the right group of products for a specific marketing channel with advanced filters

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