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Master languages effortlessly with Langchats, the AI language partner. Achieve conversational fluency through natural conversations. Learn anytime, anywhere!

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What is Langchats?

Langchats is an AI language partner that specializes in enhancing your fluency in more than 30 languages by engaging in natural conversations.



Pros VS Cons

Langchats supports multiple languages, provides translations, voice responses, and corrections, offers flexible pricing plans, a free trial, and a money-back guarantee, and helps build public speaking confidence.
Langchats has limited monthly credits, requires installation for mobile, may not be suitable for non-tech-savvy users, lacks specific cultural context learning, and doesn't support non-major dialects or customizable learning material.

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Langchats FQA

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Langchats Use Cases

Improve your fluency in 30+ languages

Master multiple languages, start speaking now!

Translate everything and know what a word means

Have a full conversation in your language of choice

Always know the right answer with corrections

Never be stuck for something to say with suggestions

Save money with Langchats, 15x cheaper than a normal teacher

Save time by practicing wherever, whenever

Become fluent faster by mastering language like a child

Gain confidence and experience in any situation

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