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Unlock productivity with Langdock, the ultimate chat assistant platform. Enjoy multi-model support, data privacy compliance, file sharing, collaboration, time tracking, and custom department-specific assistants.

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What is Langdock?

Langdock is a powerful professional chat assistant platform that specializes in providing a wide range of features. It excels in supporting multiple models, ensuring data privacy compliance, facilitating file support, enabling multiplayer collaboration, offering time tracking insights, and providing custom department-specific assistants. With Langdock, you can experience a comprehensive solution that caters to all your chat assistant needs.


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Langdock Use Cases

The GDPR-compliant ChatGPT for your team

Meet Langdock, the first interactive chat assistant for teams of any size. Made in Germany, with all privacy settings so you can stay compliant.

1 week free trial. No credit card required.

The most complete feature set of any professional chat assistant.

Models: All models in one platform

Privacy & Security: Meet all data privacy requirements

File support: Upload files, and ask them anything

Multiplayer: Collaborative by design

Insights: Time savings made trackable

Assistants: Coming soon - Custom Assistants for every department

Make your team more efficient with LLMs

Official support: Chat with our support

Plugins: Looking for our ChatGPT plugin platform?

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