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Lasso Moderation

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Streamline content moderation with Lasso Moderation. AI-powered solution offering an intuitive dashboard and seamless API integration for a hassle-free experience.

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What is Lasso Moderation?

Lasso is a robust AI-driven content moderation platform catered towards Trust & Safety teams, aimed at safeguarding brands and fostering a secure user experience. This innovative solution empowers users with automated removal of harmful content and the ability to tailor moderation settings to their specific needs.



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Lasso Moderation FQA

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Lasso Moderation Use Cases

Chat moderation for industries like chat, dating, social media, marketplaces & ecommerce, gaming, and events & live streaming

Integration with Bettermode / Tribe for community moderation

Integration with TalkJS for chat moderation

Integration with Stream for chat moderation

Integration with Tencent Cloud Chat for chat moderation

Integration with Unitary for video moderation

Custom integration with Lasso API

AI-powered content moderation platform to automatically remove harmful content

Extensive moderation dashboard for efficient human moderation

Customizable AI moderation rules

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