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Effortlessly grade essays with Lazy Teacher - AI-powered tool that provides detailed feedback in seconds. Simply upload rubrics and papers for seamless evaluation.

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What is Lazy Teacher?

Grading Copilot is an AI-powered online tool designed to streamline and expedite the grading process for teachers. This innovative tool enables educators to assess student assignments swiftly and effectively, saving valuable time. Moreover, it offers students valuable feedback of exceptional quality.


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Lazy Teacher FQA

  • How does Grading Copilot work?icon plus
  • Can Grading Copilot be used for all types of submissions?icon plus
  • Is the feedback provided by Grading Copilot accurate?icon plus
  • How long does it take to grade a submission using Grading Copilot?icon plus
  • Can students cheat by using Grading Copilot to write their submissions?icon plus

Lazy Teacher Use Cases

Use Case 1: Grade assignments in minutes, not hours.

Use Case 2: Reduce the time spent grading assignments and improve the quality of student feedback.

Use Case 3: Focus on students' use of correct grammar with the help of AI.

Use Case 4: Always have the final say in grading assignments.

Use Case 5: Get recommended grades and feedback, and accept, revise, or reject those suggestions.

Use Case 6: Review student submissions with ease.

Use Case 7: Provide grades and feedback based on AI-generated models.

Use Case 8: Improve the structure, language, and vocabulary of student essays.

Use Case 9: Help students understand the importance of academic tone and language.

Use Case 10: Encourage students to conduct thorough research for more accurate and detailed information.

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