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LIKN: The powerful Web3 component and protocol that seamlessly connects Web2 to Web3. Mint content NFTs by URL, trade and share on various platforms. Harness the AI capabilities of OpenAI for automatic NFT metadata generation.

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What is LIKN?

LIKN is a robust Web3 component and protocol that facilitates the connection between Web2 content and Web3. Its primary function is to enable users to effortlessly transform their content into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and engage in trading activities across multiple marketplaces. By incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), LIKN ensures seamless content detection, generation, authentication, and copyright verification procedures.



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LIKN Use Cases

Mint your NFTs by entering the content URL that you want to share and trade with others. LIKN’s ability of copyright confirmation and using experience are now empowered by AI.

Streamline your schedule by knowing what you'll eat during the week and which ingredients you'll need to buy. This template helps you capture recipes and ideas for meals anytime, schedule them on a weekly basis, and generate a grocery list so you don't forget anything!

Craft is a rich text editor that is easy and frictionless to use. It also supports markdown, code blocks, images, videos, and attaching files or rich link previews.

This is a must-have for every creator. A content calendar, also known as an editorial calendar, is an indispensable tool for streamlining the content creation process, pushing content through pipelines, and keeping your entire team on the same page.

This 30-60-90 day template helps you get started on your onboarding and ensures your new hires are settled in for the first 3 months. Use this template to help your new hires action on required onboarding tasks and get them up-to-speed quickly.

Take 5 seconds to quickly convert your content into NFTs and post them to NFT marketplaces directly, such as OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, etc.

LIKN Assistant Copilot provides an AI assistant on the creator page and content page, which can answer any questions about the specific content.

With one tap, you can post it on whatever social media platform you want to share.

Sell your content on LIKN, you can also list it on many marketplaces, such as OpenSea and Rarible synchronously.

Only the owner of the collected NFT has the authority to access the content while the original creator can make a profit from every further LIKN transaction.

You can embed LIKN Card in your personal website for selling.

Creators do not need to transfer content from editor to platform, nor build a personal website or a payment function, LIKN can do all of these. This attribute means that LIKN can connect every page from every platform.

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