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Translate your Webflow site effortlessly with Linguana. Boost SEO performance with AI translations, language-specific images, and market-leading functionality.

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What is Linguana?

Linguana is a translation tool that specializes in providing multi-language support for Framer and Webflow websites. It allows users to effortlessly translate their website content into various languages while preserving a search engine optimization (SEO) friendly structure and domain. By utilizing Linguana, you can effectively connect with a worldwide audience and provide an exceptional user experience in their preferred language.



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Linguana FQA

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Linguana Use Cases

Translate your Framer or Webflow site into any language without risking your SEO performance.

Manage your website's languages with subfolders or custom domains.

Translate your URLs into every language to improve search engine indexing.

Quickly and easily translate your content into multiple languages with AI auto-translation.

Boost your Framer website's SEO performance with Linguana.

Translate your Webflow site into any language with Linguana.

Learn more about Linguana's subdirectory structure feature.

Learn more about Linguana's translated URL slugs feature.

Learn more about Linguana's automatic or manual translations feature.

Learn more about Linguana for Framer.

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