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Transform code reviews with Lintrule, the ultimate command-line powerhouse. Discover bugs, enhance code quality, and boost efficiency with our cutting-edge tool leveraging a powerful language model (LLM).

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What is Lintrule?

Lintrule is a remarkable command-line tool that aims to redefine and enhance your code review procedures. By harnessing the power of a sophisticated language model (LLM), this state-of-the-art solution ensures the enforcement of policies and the identification of bugs, thereby elevating your code quality and boosting efficiency to unprecedented levels.



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Lintrule FQA

  • What is Lintrule?icon plus
  • How do I install the Lintrule CLI?icon plus
  • How do I write rules in plain language?icon plus
  • How does Lintrule estimate the cost?icon plus
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Lintrule Use Cases

Enforce policies your linter can't, find bugs your tests won't, and go beyond 'LGTM' without wasting your team's time.

Let the LLM review your code.

Install the CLI on MacOS, Linux, and WSL.

Write rules in plain language.

Check files for rule compliance.

Estimate your bill based on the number of lines of code changed.

Lintrule costs more for larger codebases.

Lintrule can review code in any language.

Setup and login to Lintrule in your codebase.

Configure rules to run on specific files.

Lintrule runs on diffs and can be customized to run on specific diffs.

Lintrule may have false positives, but they tend to be consistent.

Optimize Lintrule usage to make it more cost-effective.

Lintrule runs rules in parallel for fast results.

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