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Experience the power of AI with Lumina CMS - the ultimate content management solution, packed with advanced features. Boost your productivity today!

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What is Lumina CMS?

Lumina is a cutting-edge Content Management System (CMS) that harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to offer a holistic solution for managing content. By integrating AI technology with advanced features, Lumina delivers a robust content management solution that caters to diverse needs.



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Lumina CMS Use Cases

Explore Lumina CMS, a headless CMS that enables you to create custom content structures, scale your website, and manage your content with the power of AI.

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AI-Powered Assistance for Text and Image Content

Experience the power of AI within your content management system. Lumina offers an AI agent that provides invaluable assistance for both text and image content. When working with text content, the AI agent becomes your knowledgeable companion. It can provide accurate answers to questions, saving you time and effort in researching and retrieving information. In addition, when dealing with image content, our AI agent showcases its creative capabilities. It can generate images based on specific requirements or desired styles, opening up new possibilities for visual content creation.

Your own flexible content structure

With Lumina, you can create your own content structure, and manage it with ease. No more rigid templates, no more limitations. Our tools allows you to organize and categorize your content precisely as you envision, seamlessly integrating with your business requirements and website architecture.


Lumina's API leverages the power of MongoDB, providing direct access to its robust query capabilities. Seamlessly conduct advanced data retrieval, filtering, and manipulation operations for efficient content management.


Free - AI Agent, Storage 5 GB, Max models 5, Multi-language not available, Environments 1, $0/month (no credit required)

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