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Boost productivity and stay focused with Magicflow 2.0, the ultimate time tracker for builders, makers, and founders. Avoid context switching with real-time coaching from an AI work coach. Effortlessly categorize your work with ChatGPT + embeddings. Try it now!

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What is Magicflow 2.0?

Magicflow is a personal productivity coach that specializes in measuring and monitoring your productivity levels, deep work engagement, and frequency of context-switching. It aids in identifying the factors that contribute to your productive flow and those that disrupt it, leading to enhanced productivity outcomes.


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Pros VS Cons

Magicflow 2.0 offers a no-code platform with drag-and-drop tools, quick flow creation, model optimization features, simplified API integration, cost and speed efficiency, practical examples, and customer support.
However, it has limitations on customization, is specific to app integration, may have longer cold starts, lacks diverse examples and advanced features, and assumes knowledge of APIs.

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Magicflow 2.0 FQA

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Magicflow 2.0 Use Cases

Magicflow 2.0 is an AI productivity tracker that helps you focus on your work.

Magicflow is designed to help founders and makers do deep work.

Magicflow is an actionable time tracking app that tells you what you can do to become more productive.

Magicflow helps you get into flow and stay in flow.

Magicflow allows you to track what's distracting you from your goals.

Magicflow provides live flow timers for focus sessions.

Magicflow offers a free 30-day trial for getting started.

Magicflow Pro is full of powerful features, including automatic time tracking and weekly/monthly reports.

Magicflow offers no-questions-asked refunds and discounts for pre-seed founders, students, and hardships.

Magicflow is available for download now.

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