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Transform your site with MagicForm: AI-powered salesperson that builds trust, boosts conversions by 20% with real-time conversations. Try it now!

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What is MagicForm?

MagicForm is an innovative AI sales representative that enhances customer experience and drives conversions. By leveraging advanced intelligence, it acquires comprehensive knowledge about your company and facilitates personalized interactions with your clientele. This user-friendly tool empowers you to effortlessly manage conversations and maintain complete control. Through its continuous learning abilities, MagicForm consistently enhances its performance, ensuring ongoing improvement.



Pros VS Cons

MagicForm offers personalized, human-like responses, increases conversions, and provides efficient sales and marketing action through GPT-3 technology integration, CRM integration, and easy setup, among other features.
However, it requires CRM integration, depends on GPT-3 technology, and lacks standalone data analysis capabilities, requiring training and offering limited customization options.

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MagicForm FQA

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MagicForm Use Cases

Supercharge your top of funnel with a 24/7 AI that qualifies, converts, and follows up with leads.

Magicform instantly learns everything there is to know about your company to hit the ground running making **difference** with your customers.

After completing its conversation with a lead, your agent will draft an ultra personalized follow up email to guide them towards your goal, whether that is a meeting, a sign up, or a purchase. Just review and click send.

Train a sales rep about your business for the last time that’s never going to call in sick, bring lackluster energy or leave to work for a competitor.

You worked hard to get traffic to your business. How hard should it be to answer your eager customer's questions and convert them?

With other chatbots, its stuck with what it can learn from your website. With MagicForm, it learns from each conversation that it has while keeping you in the driver seat.

Scan websites, upload documents and more. Our AI will extract out all the facts of your business to use in conversation. View which questions were asked most, edit knowledge live and maintain full visibility.

Drag and drop to add the questions you want to ask along with conditional logic to have the conversation flow exactly how you want. Your AI will use these as reference while keeping the customer in charge of the conversation.

Train new answers or edit the source knowledge used to respond *in context* while reviewing the conversation.

Deploy to any website with a simple copy and paste of the code that contains all your customizations. You can also integrate with whatsapp, and some customers are beta testing our messenger integration today for a release soon.

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