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Discover the ultimate movie search tool. Get personalized recommendations, stream 880K+ movies and shows, and experience advanced speech recognition. Maimovie has it all!

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What is Maimovie?

Maimovie is a comprehensive movie search engine and database utilizing AI technology. With a vast collection of over 878,556 movies and TV shows from around the globe, it offers detailed and semantic recommendations. By leveraging AI Keytalk, Maimovie tailors personalized suggestions based on individual user preferences, enhancing the overall movie and TV show discovery experience.



Pros VS Cons

Maimovie offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform with a vast selection of titles, detailed information, personalized recommendations, and access to popular streaming services.
However, it lacks a web version, may provide biased recommendations, lacks parental controls, and has limited customization options and multi-language support.

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Maimovie Use Cases

Discover movies and TV shows that match your preference effortlessly.

Search content based on specific moods or contexts.

Get an infinite number of personal recommendations based on your preference.

Check movie and TV show rankings trending right now.

Access all the information you need from movie plot to available streaming services, ratings, cast, crew, and similar movies.

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