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Get fast, accurate skin problem diagnosis with Medgic's AI-powered tool. Simply take a photo, let AI analyze it, and get professional-grade advice from the comfort of your home. Try it for free!

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What is Medgic?

Medgic is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to provide a convenient and efficient solution for diagnosing skin problems. This advanced tool utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to analyze photos of skin conditions, eliminating the need for a visit to a dermatologist. With its user-friendly interface, Medgic can be accessed for free on any device, allowing you to receive an accurate diagnosis of your skin issues within minutes. Additionally, Medgic offers detailed information about the specific condition and the most effective treatment options, empowering you to take optimal care of your skin. By using Medgic, you can receive professional-grade advice on your skin health without ever leaving the comfort of your home.


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Medgic Use Cases

Use our powerful AI technology to scan, analyze and detect skin diseases in three simple steps. Fast and free!

I am a very advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot built by my human founders to analyze* skin conditions

I can think and learn. I become smarter every time you use me. With your participation, one day I will be able to solve global healthcare challenges!

Download me to your phone. Take a photo of your skin condition

Let me think about it.. No humans involved, but some electricity pls..

I will tell you what I think it is*, along with some friendly advices*

Available free for all devices

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