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Discover Meena, an innovative 2B conversation AI system developed by Google Research. Engage in coherent and engaging conversations with Meena, powered by Google's machine learning capabilities. Interact, ask questions, and receive accurate responses. Integrated with messaging platforms, Meena continues to improve over time, providing an engaging and conversational experience for users.

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What is Meena?

Meena is an advanced conversation AI system developed by Google Research. It offers a unique chatbot experience that is more interactive and conversational compared to other chatbots. With access to a vast amount of text data, Meena can generate over 2 billion words of coherent and engaging conversation. Users can interact with Meena to ask questions, receive answers, and provide feedback. Powered by Google's state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities, Meena can understand context, interpret nuances, and deliver relevant and accurate responses. It can also be seamlessly integrated with existing messaging platforms. As Meena learns from user interactions, it continues to improve over time. Whether you need a customer service solution, a helpful assistant, or a friendly chat companion, Meena ensures an engaging and conversational experience that your users will truly appreciate.


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Meena Use Cases

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