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MeetGeek: Your AI meeting assistant that records, transcribes, and summarizes meetings, providing key insights. Capture details and get transcripts instantly.

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What is MeetGeek?

MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant designed to answer the question "What is it?" It utilizes cutting-edge speech-to-text technology to create precise transcripts, allowing for automatic recording, transcribing, summarizing, and extraction of key insights from meetings. With additional features such as automatic summaries, keyword detection, a conversation repository, team collaboration tools, and meeting insights, MeetGeek enhances productivity and efficiency in the workplace.



Pros VS Cons

MeetGeek offers automated video recording, transcribing and summarizing meetings, highlighting key insights, tailored meeting improvement tips, and efficient team collaboration, among many other features, resulting in increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced unnecessary meetings.
However, MeetGeek lacks multi-language support, has unclear storage limitations, potential GDPR compliance issues, limited customizability of summaries, and limited integration options, with no offline mode and inability to manually start recording.

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MeetGeek Use Cases

Automagically video record, transcribe, summarize, and share personalized insights from every meeting to any tool.

Focus on meaningful conversations and make every meeting productive and collaborative.

Automatically transform lengthy meeting recordings into a brief summary of key topics.

Capture and share meeting insights with your team.

Store all your meeting notes in a searchable and secure archive.

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools for maximum productivity.

Measure and uncover your meetings' weak points to improve over time.

Boost your meeting productivity with curated templates dedicated to your specific use case.

Increase your brand awareness with a branded meeting experience for your customers.

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