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Level up your AI career with Mentor AI - the innovative tool that empowers developers and engineers in deep learning and computer science. Get instant tech support, interview prep, and career advancement guidance in one place.

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What is Mentor AI?

Mentor AI is a groundbreaking tool that empowers individuals in the fields of AI, deep learning, and computer science. Designed to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical skills, Mentor AI offers a wide range of features to help developers and engineers excel in their careers. By providing instant AI tech support, interview preparation assistance, resume checking, and cover letter generation, our tool equips users with the necessary tools for career advancement. Whether you are an individual learner or a corporation, Mentor AI serves as a trusted mentor and guide, facilitating your journey towards mastery in these fields.


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Mentor AI FQA

  • What is the domain connected to the Bubble application?icon plus
  • Can the application's plan be upgraded to have a custom domain?icon plus
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Mentor AI Use Cases

Mentor AI can be used to build a custom domain Bubble application.

Mentor AI can help upgrade the app plan with Bubble to restore the connection.

Mentor AI offers features such as responsive design and version control.

Mentor AI provides integrations with other platforms.

Mentor AI supports marketplace, templates, and plugins in the Bubble ecosystem.

Mentor AI can be used for coaching and partnerships in the Bubble community.

Mentor AI is built on the Bubble platform.

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