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Streamline your menu engineering process with MenuCalc. Easily calculate pricing and profitability for each item. Optimize your menu for maximum profits and customer satisfaction.

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What is MenuCalc?

MenuCalc is a user-friendly software solution that aims to simplify the menu engineering process for restaurant owners and operators. By utilizing MenuCalc, users can efficiently determine the pricing and profitability of each menu item with precision. The intuitive interface allows for easy input of menu data, while the software automatically generates a precise analysis of menu performance. Furthermore, MenuCalc offers a comprehensive range of reporting features, enabling users to gain valuable insights into their menu's performance and make informed decisions based on data. By utilizing MenuCalc, restaurant owners can confidently optimize their menu, ultimately maximizing profits and ensuring a top-notch customer experience.


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MenuCalc Use Cases

Import from your inventory management system

Import from out-of-date nutrition software

Import by uploading Excel/CSV document

Export directly from ESHAPort to MenuCalc

Interactive menu display

Instant nutrition information streaming

Customer traffic reports + location data

Save time with MenuCalc’s self-import tool

Dynamic, interactive menu with SmartMenu

Nutritional breakdowns in real-time

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Compliance with FDA Menu Labeling Regulations

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