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Securely store, manage, and trade digital assets with Metal's innovative cryptocurrency wallet. Easy setup, real-time market data, and top-notch security features.

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What is Metal?

Metal is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency wallet that prioritizes security and convenience. It provides a reliable solution for securely storing and managing your digital assets. Whether you are an experienced cryptocurrency trader or just starting out, Metal caters to your needs.

With Metal, you can effortlessly send and receive payments, monitor your wallet activity, and access real-time market data. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for both trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. The automated setup wizard guides you through the process of creating an account and setting up your wallet, making it easy to get started.

Once you are up and running, Metal offers a range of features to enhance your cryptocurrency experience. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, transfer funds, and effectively manage your portfolio. Additionally, Metal includes a built-in price alert system that notifies you when specific cryptocurrency prices reach predetermined thresholds.

Metal places a strong emphasis on security to safeguard your digital assets. Your private keys are stored locally and encrypted, ensuring that only you have access to them. Furthermore, multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection, preventing unauthorized access to your account.

In summary, Metal is an innovative and reliable cryptocurrency wallet that combines user-friendly features with robust security measures. It is designed to cater to the needs of both experienced traders and newcomers to the world of digital currencies.


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Metal Use Cases

Improve the performance of LLMs on your data with automated processing, enhancement, and retrieval pipelines.

Make your AI strategy a reality with powerful AI experiences.

Deploy chatbots fully customized with your company's data.

Search for anything with natural language.

Monitor and receive alerts for your applications and end users.

Ensure enterprise-grade security and support for your AI applications.

Track usage and gain insights with analytics and reporting.

Add AI to your stack easily with Metal's production-ready, fully-managed ML Retrieval Platform.

Unlock insights and meaning in your unstructured data with semantic search.

Generate embeddings with a single API call for chunking, metadata enrichment, embedding, and indexing.

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