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Experience hyperrealistic visual effects with Metaphysic AI. Our generative AI video technology automates the creation of high-quality synthetic media content, empowering creators to de-age actors, perform face swaps, and more. Partnered with Hollywood studios, we prioritize ethical AI use and collaborate with Synthetic Futures for a positive future. Discover our live face swaps, copyright protection, and avatar creation tools for the metaverse.

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What is Metaphysic AI?

Metaphysic.ai is a renowned company specializing in generative AI technology, specifically focused on producing hyperrealistic video content. Their cutting-edge software streamlines the creation of AI-generated content, resulting in remarkably authentic visuals. Metaphysic.ai is widely recognized for their proficiency in delivering photorealistic generative AI on a large scale.



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Metaphysic AI Use Cases

Automate Photorealistic Content creation with Generative AI.

Our software automates hyperreal generative AI content creation.

Global technical and research leaders in photorealistic generative AI at scale.

Futureproof your AI performance. Own your AI datasets that blend real world and synthetic data.

Control your future AI Performance. Build a portfolio of movie-grade digital assets used to create your AI likeness and protect your valuable IP by registering copyright under us law.

Swap faces both live and in post-production within weeks and in budget.

De-age actors and bring characters back to life.

Fast and scalable realistic dubbing and synchronized lip movements.

Engage your audience like never before. Immerse them in the new reality.

We empower creators to synthesize photorealistic faces and integrate them into the input production camera feed with minimal latency.

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