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Effortlessly record or upload files for instant, real-time transcription. Mictoo leverages GPT Open AI to generate meeting summaries, action items, and follow-ups to easily share.

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What is Mictoo?

Mictoo is a remarkable free tool for audio and video transcription. It enables users to effortlessly convert audio files or recordings into text, providing a convenient way to collect, store, and organize audio assets. It proves to be an invaluable tool for transcription needs.



Pros VS Cons

Mictoo is a free transcription tool with one-click recording, real-time transcription service, automatic generation of summaries and action items, powerful editor for transcripts, and supports 100+ languages, enhancing work efficiency and facilitating engagement in meetings.
However, it lacks offline functionality, requires internet for transcription, has no integrated cloud storage, automatic punctuations, voice recognition, iOS/Android app, and has possible privacy concerns due to excessive reliance on GPT-3 and limited support for non-English audio speech-to-text conversion.

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Mictoo Use Cases

As a journalist, I need to conduct a lot of interviews and writing works. Mictoo can help me automatically convert the interview audio to text. It is very simple and easy to use. It really enhances the quality of my written files.

In order not to miss important information during online classes, my new daily habit is begining recording it with one click by Mictoo. Audios will be converted to text notes in real time. I love it.

If you want a simple way to take notes, Mictoo can be seen as the best solution. In order to make meeting notes concisely and quickly, I usually use Mictoo to record it and the tool can convert the audio into text in seconds, which greatly improves my work efficiency.

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