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Boost productivity and stay organized with MITA, the AI-powered personal assistant that seamlessly integrates with your calendar and productivity tools. Prioritize tasks, set reminders, and never let important tasks slip through the cracks. Get more done in less time with MITA.

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What is MITA?

MITA is an AI-powered personal assistant designed to enhance your productivity and organization. By seamlessly integrating with your existing calendar and productivity tools, MITA simplifies task management, meeting scheduling, and setting reminders. Its user-friendly interface efficiently processes text, voice, and image inputs, providing personalized recommendations to effectively manage your workload. Leveraging AI-driven insights, MITA enables you to prioritize tasks and remain focused on your goals. Moreover, MITA's natural language processing capabilities facilitate the creation and assignment of tasks to the appropriate individuals. With MITA, you can ensure that important tasks are not overlooked and are handled by the right people. Ultimately, MITA empowers you to optimize your productivity and organization, enabling you to accomplish more in less time.


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MITA Use Cases

Find, hire and manage your caregiver from your local community. It’s faster than ever! Our on demand home care platform is designed to make your life easier during pandemic.

Certified Career? Find a job nearest to your home!

Even only for today? Pay-as-you!

Search and reserve the best caregiver from the same community during COVID-19 pandemic!

No caregivers are kept active without DBS, Background, insurance & necessary vetting

Paying for only what you need and exactly when you need it

MITA is a start-up out of University of Nottingham and are developing AI-enabled video- and voice-activated digital nurses for side-effect-experience management of cancer patients.

mita.ai developed its technology behind revolutionary on demand caregiver platform during COVID-19 pandemic.

MITA aims to be the one stop solution to find, hire and manage your caregivers from your local community. Our on demand home care platform is specifically designed to make life easier.

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