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Save time testing apps with MockThis - create mocked JSONs, generate classes/interfaces in any language, or request specific mock data in JSON. Accurate results powered by AI!

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What is MockThis?

MockThis is an AI-powered tool that answers the question "What is MockThis?" MockThis is a user-friendly platform that leverages GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology to effortlessly produce authentic mock data for a wide range of applications.



Pros VS Cons

MockThis is an open-source tool that generates realistic and contextually relevant data, offering a simple interface, user-defined data points, and high-quality results, saving time and supporting varied applications.
However, it lacks an API, user forums/support, and offline usage, and has limited customization options, data quality variability, overreliance on GPT, open-source vulnerabilities, and a single output format (JSON) with no data points limitation.

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MockThis FQA

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MockThis Use Cases

Create mock data using GPT

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