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Enhance your command line experience with Mods - the user-friendly tool for seamless integration of GPT models. Boost productivity and streamline your pipelines effortlessly.

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What is Mods?

Charm is a platform designed to enhance the command line interface and provide a more glamorous and user-friendly experience. It offers a range of tools and applications for developers to optimize their command line usage.



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Mods Use Cases

Tap into the unlimited potential machine learning has to offer with Mods, a CLI interface to the world’s best models. AI is about to get a whole lot weirder.

Send email the smart way: from the command line. Our latest application, built in partnership with Resend, lets you do exactly that.

Build terminal user interfaces from the future, today.

Your terminal style and layout toolkit.

Make SSH apps, just like that!

The stylesheet-driven markdown renderer.

The Bubble Tea component toolkit.

This is fine. A happy, powerful little logger.

A physics-based animation toolkit.

A tool for glamorous shell scripts. Leverage the power of Bubbles and Lip Gloss in your scripts and aliases without writing any Go code! Make your shell scripts pop!

Read markdown on the CLI…with pizzazz! Get ready to fall in love with the command line all over again. Glow is the customizable, award-winning markdown reader with first-class CLI and TUI interfaces that operates on local and remote data alike. Read comfortably in your natural habitat at last with Glow.

The personal key value store with a simple, powerful command line user interface. You can also sync it across all your machines to access your data anywhere. And since its Charm Cloud backed (which is totally self-hostable) data is encrypted end-to-end.

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